Terms And Conditions


Terms & Conditions Of Our Service.
By booking our services, you accept our terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions apply to all domestic and commercial clients.
These terms and conditions of trading apply to Time 2 Dance Windows and any other name we choose to trade under.

When one of our members of staff come to quote you your clean you must sign our agreement form for us to clean your windows and you also agree to the price we have quoted you for. All our quotes we give you at the time are fixed (upto 30 windows over 30 windows will be a extra 35p per window. This is not per frame it's pre glass.) and if you stay loyal to us then if our prices do go up yours will stay the same. If for any reason we have to put your prices up then you will be required to sign another agreement form, however we will also do our best not to rise our prices for loyal clients.

You will get a copy of the agreement form for your own records. You will also get a copy of the Terms and Conditions. If you lose the terms and conditions and require another copy there will be a admin fee of £1.50 and this will be added to the invoice (if paying online) or if paying by cash must be given to our window cleaner at the time we collect the money. This must also be requested within 7 days before your next schedule clean is due.

Our agreement forms are what they are, they are not contracts and you may cancel at any given time. Please see our cancellation terms for more details.

We operate in all weather conditions excluding very heavy rain, wind speeds of over 30mph, electrical storms and heavy snow or ice. This is for the safely of our staff. We will however try to come back at a later date to clean your windows if your happy for us to do so, if not we will come back on the next scheduled date.

If you would like us to come back this will be if we are able to fit you in, we cannot give a specific date or time as to when we can come back. This is also only if we can fit you in, in a good timed date before your next scheduled clean is due.

With all new clients, we start to clean your windows the next month. In some cases we may be able to start cleaning your windows the same month, if we are due in your area and have a free slot. If not we will start the next month.

We will supply you a print out of your full schedule of visit dates to our domestic and commercial clients yearly. If you lose these and would like another print out then there will be a charge of £1.50 for admin fee. This will be added to your next schedule clean date.

In most cases we don't clean on bank holidays however if you still would like your clean to be done this will be at a extra fee. This price is Saturday cleans and this is from £15. However this is not always possible due to staffing.

We clean your windows every 4 weeks, every month and every 2 months, if your 15 miles away from the London or Norfolk base this will then be at an every 4 week clean and this cannot be done at any other schedule time.

We will endeavour to clean all windows, but if we deem any window/s to be inaccessible or unsafe to clean, we will not clean them.

Should we be unable to access any part of your property/premises due to locked gates etc, we will only clean the accessible areas, such as front or side/s. This will typically be charged at 60% of the total clean cost. We will be unable to return to clean the restricted area until the next scheduled clean. To avoid this, please ensure safe access is available.

Due to insurance liabilities, we will be unable to move any garden furniture ect and any items on your window sills on internal window  clean (residential) and any items on internal window sills or on the floor by the windows (commercial).

Achieving optimum cleaning results may require a few cleans. For example, detergent residues from previous traditional window cleaning methods may initially cause slight spotting. Leaching can also occur from trickle vents, beading and heavily soiled frames, however in most cases, this will go after a couple of cleans, once the dirt is removed fully from the frame areas. This is normal as the traditional way of cleaning you won't get to rinse the dirt away like the pole system. So your patience is appreciated.

If we have arrived at your property for a scheduled clean, we cannot accept a postponement on the doorstep, unless construction work is being carried out to the property/premises. However if there is construction work going on a 100% charge will be payable (at the discretion of Time 2 Dance Windows) for failing to give 14 days notice via post or 7 days via email or sms text of postponement as stated in the cancellation terms and conditions.

Any promotions and offers Time 2 Dance Windows may do/have are subject to different terms and conditions. See promotions and offers for full details.

Time 2 Dance Windows will not allow any member of staff to carry out any work that will be unsafe working practises, so we ask of you not to ask our staff to work like this. All our staff will work within the heath and safety rules. They will not go higher than 20ft on ladders or climb on or over roofs and garages. They can not jump over your wall/gates to access any part of your property.

We believe our service is one of the best and we will always work with you to the best as we can to resolve any problems that you may have. However we believe you will be happy with our service and our staff everytime.

Full payment must be received within 5 days of the invoice date (unless otherwise stated) or in full when the window cleaner comes for the money.

If non payment exceeds 28 days from the invoice or from when the window cleaner come for the money Time 2 Dance Windows will add a late payment charge of £3.50 per month.

If you fail to pay your invoice within the 28 days then Time 2 Dance Windows reserve the right to suspend your cleaning or replace your slot with another client. If then you still fail to make the late payment within 90 days we have the right to contact a collection agency to recover the debt, you will also be liable for all related charges, collection agency fees and court related fees if it goes to court.

If you do have any problems with payments please email or send a letter right away so we can try help, as we never want to go down the wrong road with any of our clients.

If you wish to postpone your service, you must give us 14 days notice via post or 7 days notice via email or sms text before the next scheduled date. Failure to do so will result in a 100% charge for any work scheduled within this period.

Our pure water systems work in all weathers, therefore weather conditions are not an acceptable reason for postponing our services.

You agree to give 30 days notice via post or at leased 14 days notice via email or sms text of the terminating of our service. Failure to do so will result in a 100% charge for any work that was scheduled within this period.
Once you have sign our agreement form you will have 48hrs to read our terms and conditions and if you don't agree to them, you must cancel within the 48hrs by email or sms text, or we will take it that your happy with them for us to carry out the window cleans.

We do not accept liability for damage caused by decorative or structural defects, or conditions at your property/premises, such as, but not limited to, ill-fitting windows, doors, fascia's, guttering, window/conservatory trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, decorative bars stuck on glass, rotting frames, flaking paint, open/broken trickle vents, etc. If the bars are correctly installed, our brushes will not damage them in any way.

Should they become loose or fall, this is due to the adhesive not bonding correctly with the glass and coming into contact with dust, rain and contaminates.

Promotions & Offers
All Time 2 Dance Windows promotions and offers are only open to our clients who have been with us for 6 months or more, they can be randomly pick out of a hat for a free window clean or 50% off offer. Time 2 Dance Windows will do this every so often and not only could you be a lucky winner of a free window clean or 50% off your next window clean, you could win other stuff too. Time 2 Dance Windows also offers free cleans for recommending us to your friends and family. We also have discount cards for all new clients that don't have a one-off clean. Ask a member of staff about these. 

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.